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Castle on a cliff

360 virtual story tour

Help the lost protagonist discover what happened to them, while fulfilling an ancient prophecy with the help of a little fox helper.


Project Requirements

  • Concept 

    • Visual story experience 

  • Medium

    • 360 virtual tour made in unity

  • Goals

    • Enticing story line

    • Emerging ambience 

    • Interactive design

  • Features

    • Interactive: pop ups, sounds, ambience, lights


Project Concept





Story board



Scene design


Project Storyboard: Levels of inclusion

levels of inclusion.png


Anticipated Project Challenges

Finding the right images that fit the storyline

I am planning on telling a fantasy story, so finding images that communicate the story effectively, might be hard. As such, extra time will be set out to gather images


Setting up a concise theme

As the story is set in a regal fantasy setting, gathering immersive sprites, audio, and ambience, would be of high priority 



What to Look Out For 

Throughout this experience, the user sees the world through the eyes of a girl who woke up without her memory. The user the guides her to find out what had happened. The user should be on the lookout for clues about the girl’s identity. These clues are in both the settings, conversations, items you find, and scattered clues.


User Goals 

At the end of the experience, the user would have gone on an immersive journey and discovered the protagonist’s truth


Project Challenges

  • Finding 360 images that fit the story 

    • The first scene, which was to be the most immersive, I had trouble in finding a image that fit the storyline

  • Animation/lighting 

    • The universal pipeline required me to manually fix all my shaders for the 3D objects. Even then, the lighting was already baked and did not use source lighting.

  • Organisation in unity 

    • In the beginning I did not organise my assets, then, later when I tried organising it, I ran into quite a few issues which basically deleted a big part of my assets


Lessons learned

  • Play mode deletes everything

    • Solution: Setting the colour setting to make the UI in play mode different  

  • Organisational structure in unity

    • Solution: take the extra 5 min in the beginning to set things up correctly to avoid future issues

  • Finding resources

    • Solution: being less rigid in my ideas would allow me to work around issues in finding resources like images, audio, icons

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