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Bicycle Shop


Biker is an outdoor sports clothing, high quality product, sports brand. With a focus on modern, contemporary design.

Mountain Biking


Brand background

Sports shop "Bikers"

Create a sketch proposal for within the company, as an exploration what direction(s) they could go.


Bikers B.V., specialist dealer for racing bicycles and racing clothing

Managing Director and contact:Rudolf Marres

Address:2546 Utrecht, Sendlingerstraat 45


Desired appearance:

Contemporary, modern, advanced

Core target group:

Sport-oriented men and women between 20 and 45 years



With a focus on modern, contemporary- place a focus on abstract design. 

This would be explored through type thickness, and graphical elements

Mountain Bike


Project concept

exam practice-04.png

The first iteration focuses on the capital of the name “Biker”

By having bold illustrates the dynamic and contemporary values of the brand. 

The inside of the B, represents bicycle wheels these are filled with a dynamic abstract representation of a wheel to further highlight the bran’s values.

exam practice-03.png

Focusing further on the brand name as a whole, the design of the abstract B is extrapolated to the whole name. The dynamic wheel shape is removed for a cleaner, corporate stature. By having bold illustrates the dynamic and contemporary values of the brand.

Screenshot 2021-12-08 at 16.19.38.png

The following iteration builds on the last, however, it is designed in a lighter weight, and in white. The lighter text represents youthful enthusiasm, while still staying corporate, bold, and dynamic. The abstract element is brought back, to have a dynamic value.

exam practice-03.png


Final critical thoughts

It is advised that Bikers work with the third design, because it represents the dynamic, bold corporate values of the brand. It also has a saleable variation. 

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