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Bike Against a Yellow Wall

Flipbook bike

Life drawing or figurative drawing is a great way of learning how to draw, it allows you to understand shape, form, negative and positive space, composition and scale, proportion, tone, light and shade. 



Project background

During this project you will be introduced to a range of different types of media and techniques that will help you to develop your own personal style of drawing.


You will start to learn symmetry, asymmetry, rule of the third, the golden ratio (Fibonacci spiral), negative space and the importance of white space.

You will use a variety of different mediums that will again enable you to understand what types of tools work best for you as an illustrator.


You will produce a flick book that is based around A Bike Ride….. You will demonstrate an understanding of how you can illustrate and create movement and perspective into the drawing process.


Target audience


To include:

  • A human form moving

  • A bike moving

  • Perspective drawing technique

  • It can be in colour or black and white




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