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Industry Project: Walk safe

A group project, consisting of 3 designers and 3 developers, developed for Vector Solutions's new product, Walk Safe. 


Project Description

  • Vector Solutions is a software solutions/consulting company focused on safety. One of their products is LiveSafe, a all-in-one application for reporting and monitoring safety for organizations and their buildings, land, property, etc.. Furthermore, Vector Solutions wants to seek new ways to communicate the user journey of the product, LiveSafe to potential clients.

  • Currently, the best way to do that is with a demonstration via the app itself or through a walkthrough done by a salesperson. These are good, but they don’t always show off the use cases that clients may be most interested in. They lack perspective.

  • What if clients could get that perspective using XR? Perspective is one of those technologies strengths... Could do that using a (first) VR application and (then later) a phone-based AR based one as well? In these applications, the user could “peek down from the clouds, so to speak, to view a location, for example, a college campus or corporate office. 

  • Secondly, what if this (first) VR-based and (then later) AR-based experience could play out as a set of stories where the user is guided through step-by-step (either by choice or by a certain sequence).



  1. What does onboarding experience for a first time AR/VR user look like ?

    1. Other than a general theme of view from above diagram style POV(point of view), we want to leave this up to you when you design the UX.

  2. What does it look like to design for someone who is not an AR or VR savvy user? Directions should be step-by-step, but what else is needed to make something look easy yet sophisticated? (Easy for the recipient to figure out but when they show it off, they look savvy.)

  3. Since this is a sales demo, essentially, should there be multiple users? The salesman could join the experience to highlight items, etc?

  4. How do you know when the experience is done? How do you encourage the user to progress through the multiple stories?

  5. How would you like to increase the scope of this project? What would you have time to do that for?


Feature Breakdown

Feature 1

Above the clouds style view

Feature 2

Characters and objects in the story

Feature 3

Highlighting the sequence of the story. How to direct the user to the next click, etc.

Feature 4 

The UI. Should there be options to jump around or is it just one linear sequence, etc.?



Fluid user flow in case of an emergency.

Screenshot 2021-08-13 052111.png



We wanted to demo both WalkSafe and Broadcast, two of the most used features of Live Safe in an engaging, novel, and interactive way. 


Project Description

We chose a college campus to demonstrate a widely applicable range of possibilities.


Scan the 2D map and see the world come to life with animated buildings, rain and characters



Walk safe- quickest and fastest way

Upon selecting final destination, The app “generates” the fastest and safest road. 


Using the character controller, guide the character to safety.


As you continue along your journey, the yellow brick road disappears showing user progress.



Style guide

style guide.png


Design elements

design elements.png





Challenges Overview

  • Conceptual Challenges

    • Translating a VR concept to AR

    • UI and UX design


  • Technical Challenges

    • Collaborating through Github

    • Different versions of Unity

    • Different time zones & Time management

    • Our first teamwork experience on an XR project!



  •  This was a great opportunity to learn more about livesafe and XR development. 

  • We hope you enjoyed our presentation.

A group project, consisting of 3 designers and 3 developers, developed for Vector Solutions's new product, Walk Safe. 

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