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Tropical Leaves

Fantasy Escape: VR Project

Escape the mystical fantasy world by solving puzzles in a VR enviroment.


Project Requirements

  • User interaction using Virtual controller and user based integrations. 

  • Users should be able to interact with the experience through 3D Object Interfaces.

  • Objects in the scene should track and respond to users in intuitive and understandable ways.

  • Points of interaction should be legible in the design and create a mood within the scene. 

  • Focus components of this project include : 

    • XR Setup + Teleportation, 

    • Scene Design, 

    • Spatial Interaction Design, 

    • Object Physics, 

    • Lighting Design 

    • VFX, Spatial Audio 


Project Concept

Interactive: Storytelling element, sounds, animations, interactions




Horror fantasy theme 


Story board



Project Storyboard: Levels of inclusion

Levels of inclusion vr.png


Anticipated Project Challenges

  • Setting up a concise theme & user interactions

    • Since the app is set in a fantasy setting, gathering immersive sprites, audio, and ambience. It will take time to make/ gather assets.


  • Time management

    • Working with VR is new, so it would take some time getting used to the interactions, and user flow.


  • Setting up Controllers

    • Setting up controllers, and interactions for different devices and users.



What you will see in this product video

The simplified version of the product, is a virtual maze/escape room. 

Each room has it’s own puzzle/activity that needs to be completed before the user gets a reward and the door opens.


Project Challenges

  • Burnout 

    • Did nothing the first week, struggled with an idea, motivation to finish. Push through=worse 

    • Solution: Even if you don’t have the energy, pull through, cause it will be worse if you don’t. 

  • Building out

    • Some errors with the shaders provided, especially the opaque one, resulted in the physics system not working in game view, nor the headset.

    • Solution: fix errors, even if it is something you think you don’t use.

  • Scaling

    • 1:1:1 is 1m by 1m by 1m. It took a lot of trial and error, and google searches to get the correct sizing

    • Solution: start with google to ensure correct sizing

  • Physics

    • Getting the look and feel of some of the interactions, like the bowling and gun, relied heavily on the material physics. While interactions like the chest and door, required joint system physics


Lessons learned

  • Put all your objects under a parent object:

    • To make my bullets, the script overrode the position of the prefab. I had to place the bullet under a parent, so the script overrode the parent, and not my object. 

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